Starter Toolkit Series: Nanotechnology

What is Nanotechnology?*yLlSeu5ANCdAH-iO

What are Nanosensors?

Why are Nanosensors important?

How do Nanosensors work?

How are Nanosensors built?

What are some issues with Nanofabrication?

Next steps in the Nanofabrication process

Nanotechnology products today

  • “Nanite” developed by Oceanit that uses nanotech to turn normal cement into smart-sensing cement to turn the road into a sensor
  • Cosmetic products by L´Oréal that uses nanotechnology to transfer active agents such as vitamins
  • “Smart fabrics” that use nanoscale sensors and electronics with capabilities for health monitoring, solar energy capture, and energy harvesting through movement
  • Self-cleaning glasses called “Activ Glass” by Pilkington which uses nanoparticles to make the glass photocatalytic and hydrophilic
  • “Double Core” tennis balls by Wilson that have a layer of clay nanoparticles which helps keep the air inside of the ball
  • OLED TVs that use nanoparticles-based coatings for packing the OLEDs to protect them from environmental damages

The Future Potential




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Arjun Arunkumar

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